balcony partition

balcony partition

(Height: 0.6m)

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£9.00 / metre(s)
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This balcony partition is suitable for awnings. Every 50 cm there is a eyelet.

material: 320 g/m², 100 % cotton, waterproof and impregnated against rottenness

price per linear meter

The balcony partition will be produced in our workshop. So there are individuall measurements possible. Contact us under!

We produce on your plan, too.

Additional product information

Height 0.6m

Selection: balcony partition

Product no. Height Status Price
PL_BalkonS_60cm_natur 0.6m
£9.00 / m *
PL_BalkonS_70cm_natur 0.7m
£9.90 / m *
PL_BalkonS_100cm_natur 1.0m
£12.60 / m *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus Shipping

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