tent accessories

tent accessories

tent accessories


In this catagory you can get parts beeing necessary for building up your tent. The parts are handmade and high in quality.

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wooden pegs, approximately 0,98 ft long suitable for tipi or other historical tents

£1.60 *

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wooden tensioner, suitable for historical tents and tarps.

size: 16 cm long and 3,5 cm wide

design: polished wood with two boreholes

£1.80 *

Currently unavailable

This bag can be used for storaging of little things.

£16.00 *

tentbag for storage of your tents, so that they don't get damaged during the transport


available in 2 different sizes


from £7.50 *
Delivery weight: 1 kg

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can be shipped within 3 days

pins for tipi

£0.50 *

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can be shipped within 3 days

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